at what temperature would you put vasline on their combs?


9 Years
Apr 4, 2010
south/west tn
To night we are going down to 32degree for about 6 hrs. we have a frost warning. i am not heating the coop/ i have leghorns and barred rock, Australorp comps should i should vasline their combs
I never have. I probably wouldn't even think about it until it was in the negative digits. And then, if it did - I have 100+ chickens, so I'm not even sure how I would get it done in a reasonable amount of timewhile doing all of the regular really cold weather chores (extra feedings, watering, etc). It's gotten pretty cold here before (teens w/bad wind chill, single digits) and everyone has always been fine.
good no extra work for me except i will shut the 2 windows i have vents in eve all the way down the both side of the build on the top i have a vent cap on the length of the building too. i have the 1 gallon water inside the coop i will bring the 3 gallon plastic water in the house for the night and bring it out when i open the coop door in morning thanks
laura too

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