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I have a hen and 2 young chicks in my new coop and I need to fence a run for them before I let them out. I have 6' high 14 guage welded wire fencing material and I have hardware cloth that I would like to attach to the bottom of the fencing. I have read suggestions about burying it at least a foot down but how do I attach it to the other fence ? I am new to chickens AND fence building.
I used hog ring clips and pliers. Very useful for working with wire fencing and hardware cloth. Those 'C' shaped rings fit into the pliers' jaws and when you close the handles the 'C' clamps down into a strong, closed loop. Pretty good quality and price on ebay. Useful purchase if you think you may have other uses for it.

Some people bend the hardware cloth in an L shape outwards away from the coop about 12 inches. You then can just spread a litle dirt over it and grass seed, and it will become invisible. It keeps animals from digging under the wire right next to the coop. I attached my hardware cloth to the wood with U nails, but a better way is to use washers and screws. There are many threads here on BYC to read about the different ways to use it, along with pictures. Just go to the search box at the top of the page under the headings.
Since I had concrete pavers and stone slabs laying around, they were re-purposed to provide sentry around the run. It also provides good walking surface.

As for attaching hardware cloth, I use pipe hanger strips. They come in a roll with holes. Tin snip them and strap them over the wire and secure with screws.
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To connect the runs of hardware cloth to each other, and to the 2x4 mesh wire fencing I bought, I used J clips and a plier from these folks:

Raccoons have been up on top of the run and nothing has budged a bit. I plan to get more hardware cloth to overlay the 2x4 wire fencing, and I'll be able to use the J clips to fasten them all together, and the wire fencing is fastened to the wood uprights with big honking U nails.

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