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Oct 20, 2012
Vancouver, Washington
Our sweet Sussex has been getting out everyday. Tonight is the one time I forgot to check the coop, and of course, she was outside the fence. Something attacked her, but she managed to get away. Now she has multiple injuries from small skin tears to deep punctures. I also think her wing is broken. I did the best I could to patch her up to see if she will survive the night.
There are two punctures I'm concerned about. One is on her chest, it's not very wide (maybe 2mm) but seems to be deep. She is breathing ok and from what I can tell has breath sounds there so I don't think it hit her lung. The other wound is at the bend in her wing (the same wing that appears to be broken). It's a pretty good tear/puncture. I cleansed all her wounds with soap and water, removed visible debris like feathers, applied antibiotic ointment, and gave her an oral dose of amoxicillin left over from another chicken.
My question is,,, what now? I have heard chickens are pretty resilient, but I want to help her the best way I can. Has anyone given injected penicillin? If so, what is an appropriate dose? Is it given IM or in the skin? Is it appropriate to use the antibiotic ointment, or should I use something else? Also, I have her quarantined from the other chickens.
Is there anything else I can do for her or just wait it out?
Thank you for your help!
Thanks for the link! Will be giving the penicillin tonight. She is awake and up today. Been eating, haven't seen her drink anything. How long should I expect it to take her to heal?
I gave her the first dose of injected penicillin last night after reading the article by Nathalie Ross. I didn't see how often to repeat this or how long to give it. Any suggestions? Cupcake has survived another day, I am happy to report!

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