Attacked by hawk...


10 Years
Oct 17, 2012
Friday evening my young bb white hen was attacked by a red tailed hawk. Her tail is partially torn off with a large puncture just above, and there was blood under her wing but I can't find the injury besides torn out feathers.
Initially treated with blu kote and vetricyn, the next morning I cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide, filled the puncture with triple antibiotic ointment and following with vetricyn 3x/day. I put her in our house at night and for the first day, but yesterday and today she has been back to free ranging with her sister (inside at night). I've been checking for fly strike after the first day when I washed a few eggs off the wound, so far so good. Today I checked her wing again because it's painful, still no sign of a puncture but the skin is swollen and greenish, the skin near her tail looks green underneath the surface too... I am hoping this is just bruising and not infection? No smell, no pus visible, and she's back to her old self, eating & drinking well.
I have injectable penicillin if it is infection, not sure what the dose would be?
Hoping it's just bruising, maybe a sprained wing?

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