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I have removed numerous bumps today. No bumping your own posts! Add new info in the very first post ONLY.

1) Editing. Please edit your original post to add new info. It is considered “bumping” when after a few days of no response, you add info or just post something to say anything to bring it to the top. To edit, click the “edit” link in your first post on the thread.
2) Speaking of bumping….Everyone here wants to be at the top. It is only natural. When you bump your thread, it bumps someone else down. We want this to be fair to everyone. Staff will remove “Bump posts”. Excessive threads that we have to moderate will be locked. Locked threads are subject to the forum rules regarding locked posts as follows… * If a topic is closed or removed do not, under any circumstances, re-post the same topic or material. If you have any questions as to why a thread was closed or removed please contact a BYC staff member. So it is to your advantage to understand this.
3) Chatter. Please don’t use the BST forums as a place to chat. Threads filled with excessive chatter will be locked or removed. See #2 above regarding locked threads.​
See above post.
And please put your state abbreviation in the title. There are some BST posts right now with no state in the title. Read the sticky note in there.
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I can see not bumping the same day or 24 hour period but why not after a couple of days? If something doesn't sell in a couple of days it might have gotten buried so far down no one will see it,, should it be reposted? I'm not being argumentive, I really do want to know what the proper procedure is here. Some days a ton of stuff is posted and other days not much is, so it doesn't get buried as fast.
Because we have so many wanting to post in BST areas, everyone needs a chance to have their item seen. I realize how it goes when there are many things posted, however, if many folks keep bumping their own posts, yet others follow the rules, those who obey the rules will never be seen. This will all be a moot point soon, however, as you will see by the thread link below:
thank you, Cyn for this excellent topic. it is SO easy to read the directions for any topic. and then to UTILIZE them. it's simple, and it only benefits the seller in the end.

and i, for one am very excited for the new feature to be ready to go. very nice! what an exciting feature that will be available to us. another amazing reason to be part of the BYC family.
Cynthia -

I completely understand what you're saying - its a bit discouraging to find out new posts on a thread you were watching are one liners, like "bump" and "Anyone?" (I may have been guilty of that once or twice in the past tho...)

I'm wondering tho, if dividing the two sections into four wouldn't help keep ads on the first page a tad bit longer? Like, instead of combining FS and WTB posts under the Hatching Eggs and Chicks/Chickens sections, maybe separating them into Eggs for Sale, Chicks/chickens for Sale, WTB Eggs, and WTB Chicks/Chickens? Maybe a "Free to Good Coop" section, too?
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There was talk about separating the sections a bit, but at this point, since things will be changing, it's probably not going to happen, at least in the current system we have.

I've issued my reminder for today, so I'll lock this now and hopefully, things will go better, if folks have seen this.
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