ATTN: Dipsy Doodle Doo! What am I doing with a dozen duck eggs? HELP!


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Aug 25, 2008
Okay- so I got lucky and posted sold first on 12 blue Ameraucana eggs from Dipsy Doodle Doo. To avoid the shipping stress, and sneak in a road trip, I drove to get them. Excellent directions and a warm welcome to their chunk of heaven up there. Trust me, it's pretty wonderful. Critters everywhere!

The birds there are all beautiful, happy and healthy. She asked if I wanted to set some duck eggs, but I regretfully said no, no place to put them. She said put them with the chickens, in the same area. Nope, not enough space. Can't do it.

So, after I talked Lisa's ear off for 2 hours, she put the egg cartons in a box, and followed me to the truck. Got home a little while ago, brought in the box of eggs, and started checking to make sure they were all okay after the bumpy trip. 30 blue Ameraucana eggs, 12 Cuckoos.

They are all beautiful, ESPECIALLY THE 12 DUCK EGGS!

I've been snookered! Lisa knows darn well that they will go in the incubator tomorrow! But boy is she gonna be surprised when I show up at her house with a truckload of ROOSTERS!

I'm keeping the ducks.

I have raised baby ducks. But I know NOTHING about incubating their eggs! I've got a lot or reading to do......... I may even have to get another incubator- I don't think mine can handle all these!
My 'page' has instructions on hatching goose eggs, it's basically the same for ducks too. But you don't have to cool them, and you don't have to mist them. Plus they are small enough to fit in a turner.
Basically the same as any other type of egg, but they should have higher humidity (50%+) during incubation, and REALLY high humidity (75%+) for the hatch.
Yup--you can incubate them together. Just leave the duck eggs in during your first hatch, so they get the higher humidity, then leave the humidity high afterward--duck eggs will take 28-30 days to hatch, and at lockdown you'll raise the humidity *even* higher. Everything else is the same. They should be fine.

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