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    Bidding starts at $20 with $1.00 increments, plus $10 Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation included

    Auction ends on Monday, April 16th at 8 PM

    Do not PM, please post a reply via this thread. Paypal only is accepted.

    Up for auction are 6+ Blue, Black Splash silkie eggs - All my silkies come from Bad Azz Silkies and Sonew123 - Therefore, Bad News Silkies
    I have a blue roo, splash roo, splash pullet and black pullet (from Bad Azz Silkies) and a black silkie pullet from Sonew (Nat). This is my first auction EVER for eggs, so a low starting bid and $10 for shipping. Any extras will be included. Eggs collected fresh and will ship on Tuesday, April 17th via Priority Mail with bubble wrap. I have had two test hatches - 4 out of 4 and 4 out of 5 hatched, majority being splash. I currently have 9 more developing nicely. Due to post office handling, I cannot guarantee hatchability. Black pullet and splash roo are pictured
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    I keep going back and forth on these!!! BadAzz silkies in this!!!aggghhh!
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    "Bad News" Silkies?? I think you have him confused with Michael Vick ("Bad News Kennels")! [​IMG]

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