Auction: 8+ O-Shamo hatching eggs

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    For auction are 8+ O Shamo (the larger size of Shamo) hatching eggs;

    These will be shipped Tuesday, April 3. Shipping is $16.00.
    I take payments via PayPal.

    Auction will end Monday, April 2nd, at 8PM EST / 5 PM PST

    These eggs are the first batch I will offer from my new flock of Shamos, the eggs are laid by two pullets and fertilized by a stag all from BYC member Pride&Joy. They are very nice in type, temperament, and males will easily exceed 27 inches in height. I've been getting 100% fertility over here, and because of unpredictability via transit, I pack these via the carton method.

    Shamos are a very old Japanese breed of Oriental Gamefowl (fighting fowl) that though appear to be raptors revived from the dinosaur ages, are actually an extremely stable, friendly, non-aggressive breed of chicken towards humans. They are an extremely amazing, unique breed that are decent but not great layers of medium sized light brown/pink colored eggs. Shamos are a heat loving, cold tolerant breed that can be shown at APA sanctioned events. Males are extremely aggressive towards other roosters and hens can be dominant towards other breeds or at times toward each other but otherwise make the best "pet" chickens out there!

    Shamos are a beautiful breed to enjoy raising and also to preserve, as they're extremely intelligent, the best foragers I've ever come across, and even make amazing meat-hybrids. Purebred Shamos are slow growers that require broad perches and a low protein diet for healthy growth, but they fill in an extremely broad, well muscled body quite fast. Shamos reach very heavy weights of 11-13 lbs in males, over 7 lbs in females.

    I am starting the auction with $20, bidding will increase in $1.00 increments. Please bid by posting a reply.

    These eggs will give you a 50% chance of cuckoo colored birds and 50% chance of birds that mimic Crele very well, but are technically barred modified Wheaten. My two pullets are modified Wheatens that don't look a thing like such, however with barring added they will easily resemble Crele.

    Some but not all of these chicks can be sexed at hatch. The rest can be sexed by 6 weeks old by color.

    Good luck! Questions? PM me or post a reply below. [​IMG]
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    western Oregon
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    Sep 11, 2013
    do you have any eggs to sell now
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    Sep 6, 2012
    Interested in buying o shamo hatching eggs.Thanks
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    Sep 15, 2015
    Do you have any chick for sale?

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