Auction of 6 + Dutch cuckoo bantam hatching eggs


11 Years
Nov 14, 2008
Auction ends 1/18/2012 auction ends @ 5:00 pm
Shipped priority mail

I am offering 6+ Ducth CUCKOO bantam hatching eggs. This is a paypal auction only, must be paid within 48 hours, AFTER AUCTION IS CLOSED.Each egg will be bubble wrapped induvally,and secured to the best of my knowledge. If for some reason they stop laying I will return your money. These chicks can be sexed when hatched. I will send extra eggs if they lay day of shipping
I do not guarantee eggs to hatch, to much can go wrong in shipping, handling while at post office, or even when incubating. NPIP CERTIFIED FLAT SHIPPING COST OF 15.00
PAYPAL ADDRESS IS [email protected]
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