August Death Toll

I'm glad it wasn't the chicken death toll!
We didn't trap anything. Well we have trapped the same coon twice, it was an odd one, just wanted to eat feed, and almost acted like someone kept it like a pet.
Anyway, about a week after we released it the second time..there was a dead coon up the road, then another near the farm, then one down the road. In total over about a week or two there were 6 coons along the road sides. Saw a fox dead in the road right by the farm and birds about 2 weeks ago too
and I saw another coon down the road today that was hit. lol, I have no idea why so many are here..or why they keep getting hit.
Wow that is impressive. What did you use for bait? I had 4 chickens killed this month... Just found a bunch of feathers...

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