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Aunty Bob

8 Years
Jun 1, 2011
Hy fellow feathered friend fanciers. I live in Wangaratta Victoria Australia. I have always kept poultry, we had them at home when I was a child and it always seemed that a house wasnt a home without at least a few chooks. At one stage I bred and showed modern game Bantams. However after several years of nomadic life, these days we are a one ckicken family.
Her name is Chooky Chan, she is a little black mixed breed bantam, she was the runt with a gamy leg left behind by her mum, she is seven years old and has never lived in a cage, she lives with two cavalier spaniels and my husband and i. she dosnt really know she is a chicken she thinks she's somwhere between a human and a dog and she's definitely above the dogs.
she is pretty well trained for a chicken, she knows what No and Naughty means, she loves going for drives in the car and walks with the dogs. She can follow our trail when we are in the bush and get ahead of her, I recon she must be a sniffer chook cos she is always on our track and only stops where we've circled around. Chooky Chan can also swim, I taught her in the bathtub when she was little, she floats on top and paddles with her feet like a duck. She loves having her tummy tickled and parsons nose.
Being from a long line of feral bantams her mision in life is to sit on eggs, she usually lays 4 or 6 eggs then goes clucky. she dosnt have access to a rooster so once or twice a year we get some fertile eggs for her to hatch.
She is definitely a "bit different" personality to other pet handraised chooks I have had, being an only bird is not a usual condition for chooks. she hates to be alone, but is very happy if shes with the dogs, when im not around. Does anyone know much about chicken phsycolgy? is there any literature on this subject?
from Ohio. So glad you joined. Sounds like a very smart bird you have there.
Hi Aunty Bob,
Your Chook sounds like a keeper. I love that you are such a happy family. I knew chickens were smart, but my oh my... that is amazing! Great to see you on the forum.
Wow! I'm new to BYC too, and new to owning chickens. I just got 5 chickens a few days ago. I never had the chance to grow up around chickens and never knew how smart they could be, that's really neat that your chicken is so smart! I never knew you could teach chickens to swim! I honestly didn't think they could, but you learn something new everyday they say
. I've been looking at some chicken info online, haven't come across any of that kind of reading, but I'll keep my eyes peeled for you.

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