9 Years
Jul 11, 2010
North Carolina
Does anyone breed Black Australorps towards the standard? I LOVE mine, but they are hatchery quality. I would love to see what a bird from a breeder looks like.


9 Years
Nov 30, 2010
Edgefield county South Carolina
My Coop
I didn't know Cubakid had them. There are a few, but I have not found too many either. There is a show breeder in North Carolina that I bought some eggs from that has Bruce Sherman 's line. I have not seen them on this site, and am not sure they are still selling eggs or birds. There was some pics on their web page, but they have been removed. Give her a call, nice folks. I had some eggs shipped from them and did not get a very good hatch, only got 2, both pullets that are looking real good so far. P.O. was rough on them. I'll get more soon, when it cools off a little more. If you can't find them and want their address, let me know. I should have some in the fall from a line from Superior Farms :

This is not my bird, but a pic of the rooster they came from.



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