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    I had some spare time (HA!!!!'s 1:30am and I should be in bed, but I am addicted to this Coop Design section! I'm having as much fun building tractors and coming up with the "perfect" coop plan as I am keeping chickens!!) and was reading a post from January; it was the same subject as one posted here a couple of days ago.

    Not sure if they gal got something McGyvered or not, but here was the other post;apparently, the ones from England have timers which work on batteries. That's pretty slick!!
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    It is really a great opener! You can set it to a timer or you can have it work with a light sensitive eye.
    Very cool!
    And the maker is a member of BYC. Also, I noticed this month that the back cover of Backyard Poultry shows that there is now an American distributor (Foy's) in PA that sells the VSB electronic doorkeeper. [​IMG]
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