Automatic watering with rain barrel


Aug 14, 2020
I wanted to share something I found online and replicated as well as added on my own idea.
If you have a way to connect a gutter to your coop, have it run off into a rain barrel (store bought it DIY).
DIY was easy enough, if you google how to make your own, you’ll be flooded with them.
I then ran a hose from the spigot on the rain barrel thru a hole in a lid to a 5 gallon bucket, then to a toilet float (many variations of these available).
I cut out 4 holes in the 5 gallon bucket about 2/3 of the way up and let the water run. When it reached the base of the holes I made sure the float device was level where I wanted it so it didn’t keep pumping water. I then used some hose clamps to make the hose “fatter” so it wouldn’t slip into the lid further, thus not filling the bucket with water accurately.

With decent run off from the roof, and rain, you should t have to fill the rain barrel to often, however if you do, just run a hose out to it :)

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