avacado tree leaves

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  1. my chickens eat the leaves from avacado trees, live in the middle of 5 acre avacado ranch.they been doing it vfor a month and they seem healthy should i stop them from free ranging?
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    My understanding about the toxic part of avocado, is the Pit inside. It is the size of a pig pong ball, so not likely able to be eaten by chicken. Not sure, but the outer skin may be bad on the fruit also. If a chicken did start to eat a fallen fruit, the inside guacamole part is supposed to be good. They would eat that instead of the tough skin anyways.
    Many things (plants) around are toxic to chickens. Tomato plants are from the Nightshade family. My chickens eat the ripe fruit, but leave the green foliage alone. (have had chickens over 20 years now) I also do find Deadly Nightshade growing in my fence line. I do remove it growing. It appears to me that chickens are smarter than we think, when it comes to avoiding bad things. My chickens free range , and choose their greens themselves.
    I think problems arise,,,,,, when chickens are in a barren run, with nothing but dry ground. A toxic plant grows thru the fence,,,, and since it is the ONLY GREEN THING there, they snack on it.
    You see that your chickens free ranging are still healthy. I would let them keep so.
    WISHING YOU BEST,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and :welcome
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    I know the leaves are fine for humans. My Mexican daughter in law uses them in some of her dishes. Pretty sure they won't harm the chickens.
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    I’ve read that the seeds and the tough peel are toxic for our birds.
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