avian pox how do you know if you have wet and is the caught from dry?

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  1. katharine

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    Jul 19, 2007
    We have two pet hens. they have avian pox. I am not worried about the wet causing problems. How do I know if they have that? I can see the pox on their combs, waddles and a bit feet. The chicken that doesn't have it as bad seemed to be breathing (?) with her mouth open. It was hot so I hope it is that but should I be worried? Is there something to do? When is it an emergency and how can I help her be OK?

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    The dry pox you see will run its course and eventually disappear. If it's hot where you live, birds will open their mouths to breathe. Ensure they have plenty fresh water to drink in hot temps. Regarding wet pox; you'll see yellowish lesions in and around the mouth, throat, maybe nostrils.

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