**Avian Pox Pics**


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Mar 7, 2009
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I apologize for not posting these as soon as I said I would.

This is my bantam when she first had her runny left eye and wasn't feeling well, due to the avian pox. She had a couple of huge lesions swell up beside her left nostril, shown in the pic. It blocked her nostril for a few days, and looked awful. I didn't get any pics of her at her worst.


And this is her from 2 days ago. The spots are still large, round bumps, but the scabs have come off most of them and the skin is looking normal underneath. I need to try to get a picture on her other side at the same angle as the other picture, so you can see the progress of those lesions. Her left nostril isn't blocked now, but the area just above her beak, under the nostril, is still quite large.

I will try to get some pictures of the lesions on my 2 full-size hens. They refused to cooperate the other night! lol


Anyway I hope these help. If anyone else has avian pox pics, please post them in this thread. I think the mosquitoes are especially bad this year in some areas, and this problem is probably going to be widespread.
OMG that is what it looks like on my chicks! On their little beaks, it looks aweful it is so big! I am sooo glad this wasn't something worse like I was thinking. One chick does have a closed eye from, it.
Yes, it does look awful, especially on those little guys! My bantam's little face is so small, those bumps have made her look grotesque.
It DOES get better eventually!
Poor little girl, she does look sad!!!
I think one of my Cochins has had this for a long time now and I didn't know what it was till I saw the pic of the rooster! None of my other chickens has gotten it. I'd like to post a pic of him to be certain! There is nothing that you can put on it or ??

Thanks for the info!
I put Betadine ointment on the spots while my bantam was feeling her worst. I was also told straight iodine was good also, but I just wasn't comfortable putting that so near her eyes.

There is no cure for it - they just have to get over it, and sometimes it takes awhile. Go ahead and post pics - they are always informative.
Maybe someone would have an idea for you.

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