Aviary Netting


8 Years
Mar 4, 2011
Our run is going to be about 30ft x 40ft or so, and we want to be able to walk into the run, especially since it will enclose the coop door. The coop is maybe 10ft x 15ft, we're converting it from what was a horse barn and we were going to go out and around with the fence from its front face, hopefully that makes sense.

Since the fencing is 4ft high, what are some ways people go about putting up aviary netting so that it is high enough to walk under? If we raise it on posts above the fence somehow, will it stretch that large of an area without support across the middle? Um, without spending goat loads of money...
We raise peacocks and we used a 6ft 2"x4" welded wire. Then we put up a 16 foot post in the middle and dug it 4ft into the groun then hung the netting off it. The talles point in the coop is 12ft.


Thanks, guys, looks great! I was fearin I would have to put up a whole structure. This looks good!

We get massive amounts of snow! Would TSC or a feed store carry something like this? Okay, I could wait until morning and call, but.. I'm curious NOW

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