Aviary netting

Lil Zoo

7 Years
Jun 5, 2012
Southeast, Iowa
I purchased our first net for aviary off e-bay from Pennsylvania, it has been great. I just went on e-bay to purchase another and there is one from Best Choice Products about 1/2 the price. In the picture it looks like what I bought the first time I e-mailed them and they say it is noted. Has anyone else had any experience with netting bought from Best Choice? Experts does this netting look like it would last to you? Thank you for input.
MMMaddie that's where I got my first one. It's been a really good one. The one from Best Choice costs less and has free shipping in picture it looks the same.

AugeredIn if you order the one from Best Choice Products let me know what you think when you get it. I might hold off till I get the new pens up.

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