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    Ok I know ducks will cross breed but building a aviary for ducks and ????? and not having as a show type but as a pet type aviary .
    starting out like this if I had a multi pairs or trio's of the following in my aviary like -wood ducks , ( normal, white, and splits ) and Mandarin ducks ( normal, white, and splits ) and others like the Black East Indies and some of the call ducks would inter breed ,,,,,,,I KNOW ......... but would they get along and live in a group in one big aviary as one big family .....................I know they may inter-breed but I 'm loook only as a pet and keeper only and not as a breeder or seller only if i had seperated pens ..... get the picture ...........................
    I was thinkin of placing ducks and some dove's and mayb so different type of small birds(finches -parkaketts) in this aviary but mostly different type of ducks ......

    whats your ur' imput or does any one have this type bird aviary.

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    You should post this in the Duck section. It's under "other backyard poultry" on the Index page. Good luck!
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