10 Years
Sep 4, 2009
Hunterdon Cty. NJ
I am starting to construct an aviary over the outdoor run. It started with some plastic poultry netting and metal stakes. It has now blossomed into a 10 foot high aviary that I'm constructing out of red cedar trees that I cut down and removed all the branches. I Cut them 100" and used the thicker pieces cut from the bottom for the uprights that were screwed to the metal steaks. Well anyway my question is, does anybody have an idea as to what can be used to cover the top? Some kind of netting perhaps?
I've read several posts where people said they used Deer Netting with good results.

Google it and see if it's something you might be interested in
it depends what kinda birds your going to be putting in there, if your going to be putting little finches and canaries in than i would use hardware cloth, or buy netting if your gunna be using it for poultry.
anyways best of luck and i woud love to see your coop
I used the deer netting over the top for a while, but it ended up being pretty weak. I just knew it wouldn't hold the leaves or snow thats coming. So, my DH put regular chicken wire over the top. Now I know I won't have to do anything else for a while.
Okay! This what I found on-line. It's aviary netting that's very similar to fish netting but thicker for .25 a square foot. Snow won't collect on it and the leaves are of no cocern!

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