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Nov 9, 2008
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I'm concerned about wind blown rain entering my coop in the summer when I leave the (hardware cloth covered) windows open. I'd like to have an awning over the window to help keep out the rain and for summer shade.

I'm thinking about making a PVC frame covered with canvas or plastic picnic tablecloth material. I'd like the ability to remove the entire thing in the winter. Has anyone made anything for this purpose that you could share with me?


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Feb 19, 2009
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I haven't done it yet, but I am thinking of doing similar... from our days of running a coffee drive-thru I think I have an awning that covered the service window (I think we took it off because it was a problem with big trucks...) and I am going to look for it to put over one of our windows... I was trying to think of a place you could get a used one, since I would think a PVC/picnic cloth one might break apart easily with the wind... hmmm....
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That sounds likely to flap or blow loose -- although if the coop is in a very wind-sheltered location it could be ok. Thin plywood might be more practical. Or metal, if you ahve some leftover roofing or flashing that could be used for the purpose.

But, in general it is a good thing to have, just a matter of working out the construction details

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Mar 23, 2009
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We are in the process of putting up prop up window covers. In the winter they can be closed and in the summer they get propped up to provide shade for the window area yet still allow air flow. We get really hot and the coop is on the west side of the barn--an afternoon sauna. I also add a fan for really hot days. Its been working really well. I added shade cloth to my run which cuts the heat gain considerably.

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Feb 17, 2009
Don't know what your coop looks like, but you can frame out an awning pretty easily with 2x4's. Use plywood for the sheathing and shingles. An even easier approach is to cut a metal roof panel and lay that on supports (purlins) on the 2x4 frame.

Hinge on a plywood "flap" would work too. Hinges on top so the flap opens from the bottom. Supported in the open position will shield the window.

I like the idea of framing out an awning, so you can get side cover too.

My back window opens up, so rain does not get in, but I did build my coop with a lot of roof overhang all around:

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