B aught a knew Incubator


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Aug 26, 2011
I had a little giant 9200 incubator with automatic turning...it didn't wok. So i switched it out with another tested model.....it was a dud too.
Till i paid out the dow for a rcom pro 2o and now i have more chickens than i know what to do with! It is an awesome peace of machinery, it works with little practice, it has settings for almost all birds, and it requires little maintenance.
it is factory setup for Peacock, chicken, duck, goose (wild or other) All quail types, pheasant (gold or other) and it can be setup for ostrich, emu, guinea fowl, t and a quail , and if i understand the technology right it can be setup for reptiles! Talk about a cool peace of tech!
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How much was it? Can you post pictures? How many eggs does it hold? You know the usual questions.

it costed 600 dollars and took forever to get to me. sorry no picks for now. right now i am currently hatching out some guinea chicks.

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