B O with a prolapse and rubber eggs


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Sep 5, 2011
I bathe her and she loves it but the white stuff that should be on her poop is draining. It does clean up. I use prep h and neo on her rear cause it looks like its getting a little red and might be a little sore. She is also laying rubber eggs. Her prolapse does go in untill she has to lay an egg. I am also putting her in a large dog create. What could be the cause of both and are they related.
She is not egg bound. Infact I went to bathe her this afternoon and a shelless egg plopped out into the bath water.Her prolapse goes back in almost all day. I make sure that everything is off of the prolapse when I bathe her and I put some prep h on it when im done and it goes back in.I will keep her in the dark longer to see if I can get her to stop laying again. But as soon as I let her back in with the other chickens and she wants to lay an egg it comes back out again. Should I give her an antibiotic and can I get it at my local farm and livestock store. For breakfast I'm going to give her oatmeal with plain yogert. With some honey and a splash of olive oil.In the afternoon scratch with oyster shell and egg shell Any other sugestions for the rest of the day.NO LAYER PELLETS. i was also wondering if the prolapse could be causing the rubber eggs or the rubber eggs causing her prolapse.
Prolapse is usually the result of being eggbound at one time. There is always a danger that it will come out and become necrotic and the tissue will die. Rubber eggs can be common in new layers, but making sure there is adequate calcium in the diet may help. Crushed oystershell on the side for free feeding, crushed egg shells fed back, along with layer feed are good. If egg bound occurs give a one time dose of calcium tablet or Tums crushed to the hen.
She would probably get a bad infection that could kill her, or she might not be able to pass stool or eggs. I haven't read about any cases, probably because most would cull the chicken or it dies. Good question, though.
I just went to check on her and it is still in. I have to get egg production down to nothing cause thats seems to be when it happens. I also double checked to make sure there was not an inpacted egg. There is not...So my question.. is there a reason for the prolapse and the eggs with no shell. Is there a reason for both at the same time.
I have had her in a large dog create covered next to the chicken run so the girls can atleast talk to one another. She is very good and the other day when she was free rangeing went into the create by herself when it started to get dark. Not in the coop with the rest of the girls.I thought that it was very cool.
Since she layed the egg with no shell(yesturday morning) her vent has closed and has had no problem. The only time it comes out is when she has to lay an egg. But I have covered the create completely now and she has not layed an egg. She is eatting very well. Today she had oatmeal with yogert,honey, and olive oil. then had a scrambled egg with cheerios (full of vitamins), and also have the corn and oyster shell all the time. I also boiled some eggs and gave her the crumbled up shells. Eating is not her problem!! I have checked for lice, mites and checked her poo for worms and nothing.I have onlyI 3 other puff butts.I checked them and they are clean also. I am going to keep her in the create for a few more days to halt egg production then I will put her back with the other 3. I love my little puff butts.I started with 4 and have had no problem with any of them.

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