Baaaaaaby pics :)


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Sep 16, 2011
Zephyrhills, Florida
Sorry the pics are a little blurry but both my camera and phone weren't working with me at the time I took them. They were sold to me as pullets and are 2-3 weeks as of Sunday.

Black Frizzle (name: ?)

White Cochin (name: ?)

Lavender Ameraucana (blue egg layer) (name: Lily)

Mille Fleur (name: Frenchie)

Black Copper Maran (name: ?)

I think she might be a Cochin but unsure (daughters favorite, she named her:! )

Waiting on a Silky and an E/E pullet we picked out but won't be ready till this Sunday. I wasn't planning on getting this much of an assortment but they were ALL just so cute
and the women sure couldn't resist showing me all 300+ of her breeders and 450+ babies
Feel free to help with name suggestions, I've never named chickens!

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