Babies 6 weeks old! So much fun...and my newbie random chicken thoughts.

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by PrincessChicken, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. PrincessChicken

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    I've had lots of animals in my lifetime. Right now, all we have are the chickens. I got 2 doz. chicks as a kid. Well that story didn't end well. I made up my mind that this time would be a better experience. I had no idea baby chicks were going to be so much fun! And I didn't know they grow so fast!!! They outgrew their little cage in my laundry room way before the coop was finished, despite my husband working on it every spare moment.

    They have spent about 5 nights in the coop so far. It's not completely finished, but predator safe and liveable for the moment. Today I let them out of the coop into the run, also not completed. They had been in the (unenclosed) yard for a few hours at the time, with us close by. This was the first time I'd let them out all day. Even though they were in the (unfinished) run, I worried about them since I wasn't right there with them the whole time. TWO hawks circled my back yard all day. Ugghhh! We gotta get their setup completed. I'll still worry about them anyway, though. We live between an open field and thick woods with a creek. We have almost every kind of predator imaginable.

    Today I also set up a temporary walkway board (don't know what the proper chickenspeak term is) from the coop to the ground. They enjoyed "walking the plank."

    Most of all they enjoyed the special treat of strawberry yogurt, served in a pie tin. I kept reading about it and just couldn't imagine a chicken eating yogurt. It was funny to watch and they loved it. I guess this is the chicken TV everyone keeps talking about.

    BTW, if anyone is currently building their coop, or about to begin, here's a thought. We put a large window in the coop on the side that faces my house. It's close enough that if their coop light is on I can look out my back door and see them inside doing their thing. Very cool! Especially when I wake up at 4 am to check on them and can't go back to sleep. And end up on BYC writing about my chicken saga...yeah, I'm hooked.

  2. ashleyrae211

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    Feb 9, 2012
    Awesome story. Love the window that faces your house! Great idea!
    I have got six 3-5 day old chicks right now. They are so cute.
    I am scared of predators too, my grandpa has seen a fox a couple of times...I am going to test my coop/run, re-test, and test again, just to make sure nothing can get it. I am so nervous. But I love my chickens!!

    Chickens are awesome.
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    Mar 9, 2012
    North Carolina
    Thanks for sharing your story!! Our 6 week old chicks spent their 1st night in their coop last night! I was a worried mama all night. This morning I tiptoed outside to check on them and they were doing their thing, making those cute little chicken sounds. When I opened the little door - 4 of them raced down "the plank" and the other 4 quickly followed. They are so cute - I love my chickens!!
  4. Delta2 23

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    Sep 4, 2008
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. That's a fantastic idea, with the window facing your house! It must be reassuring for you to get to check on them every night like that. ;) Good luck with getting your coop patched up and fully ready.
    Chickens love all manner of weird things. My chickens love cheese. They also love beef and chicken scraps. This was quite entertaining to learn about. Guest at my house was very surprised at what they seem to enjoy eating.
  5. chicken pickin

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    Mar 3, 2012
    Im in the same boat as you. We have cmpleted the coop and moved the girls in a few nights ago. So much more rom for them. We also built the coop s the wndows face our house and I can see them from our verylarge kitchen window. They have a light in there also so I can peek at them in the night. Its such an added bonus to be able to see them from the house. We also do not have our run complete and we let the girls free range during the day well supervises and the hawks are relentless. They swooped over us 3 times yesterday and circled us in the sky for parts of the afternoon. They are testing the waters I know it. I need to get this run done hopefully today we are heading outside now to go work. Good luck with finishing up your coop and run also.

  6. PrincessChicken

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    Yeah we have foxes. I think they're usually nocturnal but I've seen them in the day time too. I'm hoping that if one starts to try to dig under my run I'll notice it before he's able to get all the way under the wire since we buried it. We're at least going to make him work for it.

    Chickens ARE awesome. Who knew? I sure didn't!
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    Hey I see you're in NC too! It's been so cold this past week or two. I haven't slept mine without a bulb on yet. Wonder how warm it should be before I do that? I can't seem to find 2 people with the same opinion. Going to be a bit warmer this week though. Maybe I'll get brave and try it one night.

    Glad to hear your story too!
  8. PrincessChicken

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    Dumb chicken scraps you mean leftover cooked chicken? That won't lead to cannibalism?

    I'll have to try the cheese. Imported or domestic? [​IMG]
  9. PrincessChicken

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    I love the window!!! It makes me feel so much better to swing by and take a quick peek at them and see that they're ok. I know I probably need to turn their bulb off as I read light all the time shortens their lifespan. But I don't want to leave them in pitch black darkness. They need a night light!

    Good luck to you too!

  10. Ourfamilyflock

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    Mar 19, 2012
    Central Oregon
    Great thread and thoughts, my first time with chicks too, had no idea they would be this fun, cant wait to get them into their coop, well once they have a coop to get into. lol.

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