Babies Are Here!!!!


10 Years
May 2, 2009
Received my new babies yesterday morn!!!
And are they ever CUTE!! Ordered 32 from murray Mcmurray. All arrived safe and so far healthy and active!!! Went right to the food and water with out much help at all! 13 are mine. 3 Silver spangled hamb, 3 speckled sussex, 3 araucanas, 3 golden polish and the free rare breed that I'm pretty sure is a Dominique. A friend of ours ordered 10 red star hens and 10 cornish X's. They are just a large puff ball when they are all sleeping!!
I just wish they would stay this small longer!! Will try to post pics when I get the new computer up and running. This one is on its last leg I think.

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