Babies go to the hen house...sorta long..are they stupid?...and heater


10 Years
Apr 12, 2009
West Virginia
The little chicks went out to their new digs last night. They are pretty well feathered out, but it is still going down into the 20's at night, so they have a heat lamp.

They have a room of their own that I shut the big birds out of, although they can all see each other.

My husband mostly prepared their place. This is because I am somewhat handicapped, and with this awful weather we have been having here in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia, it is really hard for me to make it to the coop, so nice John, who is not really an animal person, or at least he says he isn't, went out and got their new place ready, so I wouldn't have to make my way over the snow too many times.

He made a neat little 'house' for them, taking a small box on its side so it is enclosed, with one end open so they can go in and out, and he put hay into it. And of course we put down food and water for them, and treats, and lots of hay for litter.

They were really delighted with their new digs, and especially with John's little house, and went in and out of it.

You know, chickens are reputed to be rather stupid, and I suppose they are not really really smart, as they have tiny little heads, which one assumes means tiny little brains, BUT, they cannot be ALL that stupid, because they are so curious! I think curiosity takes a certain amount of brain power.

When I put them all out, they tilted their heads from side to side, explored all over, checked out the hay to see if it was edible, and hopped up on the lower rung of the roost, which they are too little for at present. They had several little chick fights, and in general seemed just delighted with their new place.

I am scared to death of heat lamps, and I worried and worried, first that they would not be warm enough, and second that they would catch on fire. Normally by this time of year I would really expect them to be on the porch in a big box, with a lamp. But it is just too cold, and we were getting sick from the chick dust inside. So anyway, today I went out and bought an oil type room heater, which should be safer.

Has anyone tried one of these for chicks?


I use an oil-filled type heater that looks like a radiator. It keeps my 3' by 6' by 5' coop toasty- and all the snow melted off the roof. I have it on a crate inside the coop, but have pine shavings in there, hay, etc. Havent had a problem all winter long (actually two winters now).

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