Babies Keep Dying!!!


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Jun 16, 2009
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I need some advice. I also have a friend having the same problem. I keep losing a baby chick every few days. They are on baby food, that is not medicated. They live in my house with a red brooder light. There is food and water in there constantly. What is going on?!!!!! The feel skinny. There is plenty of food. What is happening to them?????

These are not hatchery birds. I have hatched them out myself. Some have been mine, some have been some I bought eggs from the person.
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Sorry you are having such a hard time! How many chicks have you lost? Did you hatch them yourself? What is the temp. under your brooding light? Are they eating normal and drinking water? Do they have pasted bottoms? That is a big problem that happens after shipping. They get stressed and there little bottoms get pasted and they can't go to the bathroom. If all that is ok, maybe you might want to think of changing to medicated feed for six weeks. I'm not a pro, but these are the first things I think of when it is my chicks. Maybe check out some of these things if you haven't already and let us know. I hope this helps!
Hatchery chicks aren't going to get cocci while in an indoor brooder as it is in the soil. What I think of, that can be changed, in these situations, is heat and space. It's easy to get them too warm, which can make them too lethargic to eat and drink enough.

Also, it is distressing but normal to lose some. I hope it won't be too many. Some are just born with problems not compatible with life.

If they are not hatchery chicks, and came from an individual, of course the seller might have a problem. You would want to contact them in that case. Depending on the time frame, you might also want to contact the hatchery. They do want to know if their chicks are dying in large numbers.
These are not hatchery birds. The eggs came from my pens and from eggs I bought. Probably have just lost about 4 out of over 30 babies. I know that is not many. I know cocci comes from the soil. That is why I am confused. They have been inside my house since the egg was laid.
Coccidiosis is still something I would medicate for with a curative (not preventative) dose of amprol or corid, since it is relatively safe. Are they getting chilled or did they get chilled? Are they sneezing or having trouble breathing before dying? Are they getting a pasty bum?
I am doing that. I decided, why not.. It surely could not hurt. They are not getting pasty butt, but they get skinny and die. There is food available at all times and fresh water. UGGGGGHHH!!
Did you dip their beaks in the water? Is the food spread around the floor so they can find it easily?

Are they drinking and eating or is there just food and water "there".

Good luck.
I'm almost certain you have too high temps. Have you checked it at chick height?
How old are they?

ETA, they've never seen dirt, there is NO reason to think coccidia.
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I also think it might be the heat too. I recently bought a ceramic heat bulb for them. I am planning on moving the older chicks over and put that light over them. I have bowls with food. They know where it is. I do dip new babies' beaks in the water.
Too much heat would be my guess. Those 250 watt bulbs just aren't necessary in a house. It's surprising how little heat they really need when inside a house. The ceramic bulb should be at least 16-18 inches above them...perhaps even a bit more. I think mine is about 20 inches above my chicks.
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