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Sep 1, 2013
I have a question that might seem like a no brainer for most of u but for me well I'm new at this so I need a little help!! I have 2 baby chicks that just hatched and well I didn't think they where going to surprise lol. They r so cute but I have no feed for them and I took them and put them in a box with a heat lamp I am going to boil a egg and give them the yolk intel I can get to a store i think one baby is a day old. Should I have taken them away from there mom the reason I ask is because I had first look earlier there where three then when I went back one was dead. I never touched them intel I seen one dead I thought mom maybe squashed it do they do this?? Should I worry??
It is completely possible the chick was accidentally squished. It unfortunately happens sometimes. Chicks do not need to eat for 2-3 days after hatching and are perfectly fine on the absorbed yolk sack alone. No need to panic about feeding them, just make sure you get chick starter.

on the heat lamp. Make sure they have an area not covered by the lamp so they do not overheat. Chicks straining away from the light are too hot, huddled up are too cold.

When you provide water, you should put aquarium pebbles or the likes to prevent them from drowning. Chicks can drown in remarkably shallow water.
Welcome to BYC
Glad you joined us! You got some good advice here. Enjoy your chicks!
@drumstick diva, have 14 eggs I'm assuming some are not fertile got 2 more babies this morning but if they all hatch that's fine to.
I really want to no if I can leave the babies with the mom?? Thanks for the nice welcome on this page everyone!!
Welcome to BYC. Once all viable eggs have hatched, remove the duds and put the chicks back under the hen in the evening. Hens do a grand job of raising chicks - look at how long chickens have existed.

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