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Hey y'all!
I have a question for you. I have 3 baby Wyandotte's that are around 3 weeks old and yesterday one of them "squared up" on me when I was reaching for it in the brooder! It even jumped at me once. I've been watching the three of them today and noticed that two of them have been fussing with each other a bit but nothing serious. I suppose my question is does this type of behavior point towards the chick being a roo? I'm wondering if its more a dominance thing ? Visually I can't tell the sex of them yet but I would love to hear from someone with more experience :D


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At three weeks of age they do start chest bumping each other - and you too, if you are a chicken in their eyes. They become a bit standoffish at that age. They will be friendlier as time goes by, if you continue your efforts at being friends.

Roos and hens both chest bump. If you feel that they are not being nice you can "peck" them back (gently of course to a chick) on the back of the neck/shoulders with your fingertips and that will tell them that you are the top hen. This becomes a necessity with an adult hen who is challenging you for top hen status. For adult chickens, I also hold them down on the ground- gently of course- with both hands for several seconds, then release them. This is to keep me from being pecked mercilessly with aggressive hens (fortunately I don't have any like that now LOL).
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