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5 Years
Jan 19, 2015
I just got 9 baby calls in the mail today the person i order them with said they can only have water every thirty min or they will drink till the drown. All the site says ducking should have water at all time. I am not sure about there food when they can have it. Can anyone help me out that has calls
So I know that when ducks eat they have to be provided with water to soften the food other wise they coul and might choke. And I would provide them with water but put rocks I. The water so it would be very difficult for them to drown.
They need water all the time. You can use a chick waterer that is deep enough for them to dip their bill in past the nares. You just can't give them water deep enough to swim in unless it's warm and you supervise the swimming because they have no oil on their feathers and can drown.
I have a very shallow dish that dosent they there becks go all the way in and then it has the bottle on top

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