Baby Chick Crops?


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Apr 23, 2015
Hello everyone! So I got 5 new baby chicks today, 3 white silkies and 2 buff silkies. I observed them and they all seem healthy. There is one that is slightly smaller so I made sure to give her some extra water. When I checked each crop it felt kind if like a soft bean bag. What should a baby chicks crop feel like? Also, can they eat the yolk of a hard boiled egg?
They've been living off of egg yolk for 3 weeks before they hatch so they can eat them after.
The crops will fill when they eat and when they empty they'll feel hungry.

There may be a problem but more likely, you're overthinking it.

Eggs are very nutritious and good animal protein but not as high in protein as chick starter. They're about 12% protein.
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