Baby chick died suddenly, and violently


6 Years
Apr 19, 2013
I have 4 chicks all around 3 weeks old that I am keeping in a cage in my bathroom. This is not my first rodeo raising chicks but today was the first time I have ever witnessed one go from perfectly fine to dead within 5 hours time. I had noticed that my most active chick was laying in the corner of the cage with her head down so I stuck my hand In to get her up and she just stood there with her eyes closed while the others were pecking away at the meal worms I had just tossed to them. I watched her for a little while and she started to move around but not a whole lot. So I gave her about 1cc of electrolyte water and checked back with her a few hours later just to find her doing the same thing.. Standing in the corner with her eyes closed. So I picked her up and gave her another cc of electrolyte water but when i set her back down in the cage she started flailing around and seizing up and a couple seconds later she was on her back, dead as a door nail. The other chicks are perfectly fine so I'm totally confused as to why this one just suddenly croaked on me. Any advice?
That could be from an internal problem. While chicks are growing they sometimes have what is called "failure to thrive" which means their
unable to utilize their food and water. So sorry.
sorry but your chick ate something that caused a blockage at the bottom of its food sac and when u added the water what litle air it was getting was now gone and its died
I had the same problem with a bunch of birds and lost a lot till i found them eating styrofoam

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