baby chick getting tail feathers plucked by other chicks please help


12 Years
Feb 12, 2009
Hi, I have 38 chicks, one of my delaware chicks, is beaing pecked on her back, toward the tail. I have seen this in caged birds at the feed store, but they have plenty of room, and I am feeding them purina mills start and grow. my question is, should wash to blood off the chicken and what should i put on her? do i seperate her by herself?
If you have Blue Kote do that. You need to get it away from the others they will keep it up until they kill it. If you get the wound to heal, you can put it back in with the others, they won't notice and leave it alone. If you take it out for a few days, neosporin would be fine also, but if you leave it in there the others are attracted to the red color and will keep pecking.
Thank you, I'll try to get the blue kote. I have neosporin now. I washed with warm water and it just looks irritated. Thank you again

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