Baby chick hatched :)


6 Years
Mar 4, 2013
We had two eggs in our coop that we decided to let our broody hen take care of. The little chick has hatched and we've been doing a lot of reading about chick care, but since we are new to chickens I wanted to ask folks on this Forum.
What is the best thing to do now? Do I leave the chick with the hen? How do I know it'll get all the food and water it needs? Our flock is in a coop with attached run and consists of 2 roosters and 8 hens. We also just got a frizzled Serama chick this past weekend (3 weeks old). This one stays inside the house with us.Can I add the little chick (Serama) to the 3 week old? So many questions
Thank you all in advance.

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