Baby chick having a hard time getting out of shell!!!

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    Apr 11, 2011
    I have a hen sitting on nine eggs and three have hatched as of yesterday and one has been trying to come out as of yesterday as well. But this morning the shell was cracked a little farther but not much and you could hear peeps. I checked on her a few hours later and not much progress. So would it be alright to help by gently removing some of the shell? Any suggestions will help!!!!
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    Mar 29, 2011
    I wouldn't help unless it has been 24+ hours and you know for sure the chick won't be able to hatch otherwise.

    To help it hatch:
    Get a glass of warm water and gently peel a bit of the shell. Using your finger moisten the membrane with water and peel it very carefully. Avoid blood veins and if she starts bleeding immediately stop, add blood stop powder (cornstarch or flour will also work). And place her underneath her mom or back into your incubator.
    If the chick is still having trouble, try again later a little bit at a time. Again, avoiding blood vessels and stopping once you see blood.

    As a rule there is more blood veins at the pointy end of the egg. So try to start towards the fat end.

    Good Luck. [​IMG]

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