Baby chick with leg issue... inverted hock joint?

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    Dec 14, 2014
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    So I went to the feed store the other day and my heart broke when I saw the chicks in their brooders. There was one sitting on her hocks in the middle of the brooder with her eyes closed, peeping very loudly while some others were pecking at her feet. I couldn't help myself. She's a black sex-link and I also got a silver laced Wyandotte to be her buddy to add to my small flock of 6 buff Orpingtons.

    I taped her legs closer together for one night and she seemed fine for a few days after that. She was up and walking around but she was very shaky and easily fell down. Then a few days ago she started doing this weird thing where her left leg would be normal, but her right leg would be behind her. The hock joint would actually be going the wrong way slightly (pointing forward/down instead of back) and she would kind of sit on it.

    I've since made a little splint out of a straw cut in half and secured it with some vet wrap I got at Tractor Supply. It prevents her from putting her leg back and inverting the hock joint but she can still move her leg forward the way it's supposed to go. I've also started her on a small dose of Rooster Booster Poultry Cell as I've been led to believe it might be a vitamin deficiency.

    I'm starting to get worried this isn't as simple as splayed legs and it might be a dislocated tendon or something more serious as I haven't seen splayed legs like this.

    Has anyone ever heard of something like this? I've not given up hope! She's a fighter!



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