Baby chick with URI


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May 13, 2015
Sunny Florida
Hi everyone! I'm new here and just had a quick question about URIs. Someone gave me a chick two days ago. On the first night I brought here home and at first she was fine. Then a few hours later she started getting noticeably watery eyes and a runny beak. She was also doing a weird thing where she would stretch out her neck and open and close her mouth but not really make much of a noise. She kept doing the neck thing for a long time so I researched everything I was seeing including watching youtube videos and all signs pointed to a URI of some kind. I looked at gapeworm too but the videos and reading I did on that didn't quite match up symptom wise. I read about the Qtip test but I was worried that would just stress her more. She has been under alot of stress and changes in the last couple of days bc of her origin (a friend found her in the street and couldn't locate an owner). I went to the feed store and got some tetracycline for her water and some baby chick food. As of right now, her beak is no longer watery and eyes are clear (no more new watering going on as far as I can tell). She still has feathers around the eye area that look like they once had water on them but haven't "fluffed back up" yet if that makes sense. She has been drinking alot of water and eating alot of the chick food. I suspect she might have gone more than a few days without proper food before I got her so I imagine she is still regaining strength. She also appears to be pooping normally with no pasty butt or anything. Is there anything else I need to look out for? I plan to keep her on the tetracycline for 7 days as I have read to do so. Overall she seems pretty active and healthy, just had the watery eyes/beak thing going on. Also on a side note, if anyone could look at my avatar and tell me what kind she is that would be great! (I've tried to figure out her breed but I can't tell at all)
Update: I was able to get some better lighting and managed to remove some "chicken boogers" from her beak with a Qtip. I got one side completely clear but the other side still has a tiny bit of gunk but is partially cleared out. I don't think her eyes are watering further from what I can tell but her beak is gunky if that helps for information purposes.

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