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carolina chicky

10 Years
Apr 1, 2009
South Carolina
I have 3 frizzle chicks that I rescued after their mom (and all 16 of my other chickens) were killed. The oldest is almost 4 weeks and the other two are 2 1/2 weeks. I was wondering about the oldest chick, she is very very attached to me. When I let them out of their little brooder box, the youngest 2 run around and play and the oldest always runs to me and jumps in my lap. She is very sweet and always wants to be close to me, usually sitting on my shoulder sleeping, nuzzling her little head up to my face or neck. Every time I put my hand in their box to feed, she will run and jump onto my arm.
I enjoy her very much :) because she is so sweet (honestly, she may become a house pet, lol) I do spoil her, letting her sleep in my lap while I watch tv, etc.
Just wondering if anyone knows why she is so attached to me while the other two aren't as attached. I have raised chickens for years, but never had a chick this attached.
(I'm not complaining, lol, just curious)
I forgot to add that this chick also witnessed the dog attack which killed her mom and all of the other chickens. She hid under her dead mom for 4 hours before I even found her. :,( She didn't make any noise or move so I only found her when I moved the mom. Thank God she was unharmed. Could she be traumatized by seeing this? That was about 2 weeks ago. The other 2 chicks weren't in the coop when it happened.
We have an 8 week old hatchery chick (RIR) that love our 14 year old and has since the first day. He named her Pinky Pie.

The other five chicks are more typical, two are docile and cooperative (though not friendly) two that came from the "hippy" feed store are very shy and one is skittish and loud.

What happened to your chickens is very sad but I don't think that chicken process traumatic events like humans do. I am glad that this sweet little chick survived.

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