baby chicks n mama(long post)

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    since all 5 of the 6 chickens we had got killed over the last two summers and the only one left(scruffy-banty hen) is lonely and sitting on eggs like she is broody we decided to get her some babies from tractor we got 6 chicks on 2/27 and when we brought them home and opened up the door and put them in...she was the happiest chicken that ive ever seen..they all right away ran right over to her..climbed all over her..and she pecked at them like what the heck are u she was clucking away like no tomorrow...and after a couple minutes of them exploring there new mommy she put every last one of them underneath her like she has done this all before...all u see is little heads underneath a wing sticking of today(5 weeks later) im happy to say that everyone of them r happy healthy chicks..and getting bigger by the minute..holy smokes...i think everytime i go down they grew an inch...last year when we got our other chicks it seemed like it took weeks for them to get there feathers..but these ones are fully feathered already and r alot bigger then the others were...mama is really teaching them alot and they r learning is just amazing how the different clucks she has for different when she clucks and they all come flying across the yard to see what food she has...and one day she mad a loud clucking sound bc there was a beagle dog from the neighbors yard that scared them and they all ran into the coop..she stayed outside the coop to watch over them and not one of them tried to come outside that coop...they all just stood by the is also showing them how to fly up into the tree inside there day we went down and mama was up on a branch sitting and right below her was one of the babies on the lower branch and another one below it on the ground looking at it like " did u do that" also have a video of mama showing them how to get a dirt bath and then the other day one was right by the fence and it made its own dirt hole and was rolling around in shows the difference between them being raised by us human mama's and and actual chicken mama....I WILL NEVER TRY TO RAISE A CHICK BY MYSELF AGAIN...its an amazing thing everyday watching the progress they go through!!! now i just have to name
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    Agreed! It's known they are healthier, grow faster and have better immunity. It only makes sense they are smarter. And It's an amazing process to watch. I've also done it both ways in the last few years, and will raise any more with a broody if at all possible.

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