Baby chicks off to a bad start-Help!


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Sep 23, 2008
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Greetings! I am new here and would love some help. I bought some Pure blue Ameraucana baby chicks from a woman claiming to have a Heritage Farm near me, however when I recieved the chicks they were in very sad condition. One of them had a deformed skull and mal-aligned beak. The other two, are in bad shape as well. I have had them almost two weeks now, the women had told me they were born on September 2nd, yet they aren't nearly close to b eaing feathered out yet! The chick with the deformed skull passed away last night. I just don't know what to do with these little guys to help them out, any suggestions? They are so sweet, slate shanks, white feet slate eyes, and are blue (passed away last night) self blue (I think) black and splash. The black one has consistently beat uyp the others....not sure what to do about that either?

Some info: I feed chick crumble, unmedicated 20% protein. I give them plain organic cultured in cup yoghurt every morning.

Thanks in advance for any info!!


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It is my understanding that true Ameracuanas have a high mortality rate even without the deformities you have mentioned.

Im not sure what other help to offer you- Im sure someone else will chime in here soon!!! Goodluck!!


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where is the guy with the poly vi sol vitamins he claims to be so effective.? I use sugar water to get them going fast. I always put sugar in their water for the first week of life and am convinced it makes a big difference.
It gives them energy to eat. I got kudos on the roman noodles, but it makes a difference. glycose I guess.. I give my babies a batch of cut up roman noodles as soon as I can after a hatching. they love it.. they start pecking at the little worms immediately and the glucose in it gets them going fast.


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May 19, 2008
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You can give them vitamins and electrolytes in their water as well, I usually give it to my babies up until they are 1 month old. You should be able to find it where you get your feed.I'm not sure whats wrong with them but it sounds like they weren't properly taken care of on the "heritage farm".
Keep their area at 90- 95 degrees using a heat lamp. You can give them scrambled eggs too for extra protein. I hope they make it thru this for you i know how devistating it is to loose chicks, My first experience with chicks was about 2 years ago, We ordered 50 from a hatchery they sent 52 and 27 died over a 2 week period.


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I too am new, but the advice about the poly sobol enfamil vitamins did help my 6 week old silkie who was struggling with a weepy eye and some other weird behavior. The screen name was DLHunicorn. Try a search and PM that person if they don't find your post today.
Sorry you lost one, but it sounds like the rigth thing for that particular circumstance. Good luck


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Apr 21, 2008
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Sugar can cause loose bowels and the food going through them to fast to absorb proper nutrition.
With my Ameraucanas, I gave them fresh warm water with marbles in the waterer, showed them where to find the water, egg box top filled with medicated feed. Toss a few (like 3 sprigs) of grass cut up over the mash.
Up until 2 weeks old I use a small brooder box, its a plastic tote, then graduate them when they begin to race and run into a larger brood tote with wire over top and heat lamp on the wire.
Watch these as they can get over heated.

I would mash up a hard boiled egg - giving the 5 I had hatched 1/2 egg, when it was gone, I'd give them the other half. Don't leave it laying around to long, you can take it from the frigerator to the microwave at that point, make sure its ok to touch warm!

After they get older- 2-3 weeks, I'll begin to give them cooked fresh carrot, apple sauce, no cinnamon or sugar. This way it gives them a change, flavors without needing grit. I never have given them raw foods until they are eating very well and able to deal with grit.
These buggers will take a dust bath, scratch in the feed, but its ok, gives them that zest for life. (I don't allow them to do it after chickhood!

Good luck


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Oct 30, 2007
chickie_momma wrote:

It is my understanding that true Ameracuanas have a high mortality rate even without the deformities you have mentioned

How did you arrive at this understanding? We hardly ever lose any once they have hatched. Ameraucanas don't have a higher mortality rate than any other breed.

You may be thinking of the Araucana which has tufts. The tuft gene is lethal; two copies normally kill the chick before hatching.
Of the chicks with just one tuft gene about 20% die.

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