Baby chicks what kind? O sex? 8 weeks old with broody mother?

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Baby chicks are 8 weeks old used a broody mother to raise them. The hen was put back with the other hens that she grew up with Now the 5 hens that lived together are pecking on her. She is no longer broody as she has layed an egg. Scheel was very fragile. So I put her back with the original group she came with. All are golden buffs So she can get her layer feed and oyster scheel. To make her egg scheel stronger. They treat her as a new chicken even though I took out of the pen to set on eggs
What age should I intigrate the chicks to the group?
If I do it sooner than 5 months what about the feed diffrence grower for the younger ones vs layer feed for the older ones?
Does layer feed hurt the younger ones?
At what age can baby chicks eat layer feed safetly?
I think I have a rooster as one of the baby chicks
If I do have a rooster and I Know you call it a rooster at one year of age. If you don't want it at what age do you seperate it from the hens as to not make the hens eggs fretile?
The Broody being out of the group has to re establish her place in the pecking order which is why the other hens are picking on her.

The chicks will not need the layer feed until they are ready to lay. Is it possible to feed them separately? If not you can feed all of them non medicated chick starter and offer crush oyster shell separately. The chicks won't eat it and the ones that need it will. The growth feed won't hurt the hens, If they are molting it might be good.

They might be big enough to go with the big girls but make sure they have some hiding places so that if anyone is being mean they can get away. Any roosters should ignore them until their combs turn bright.

Hope that helps

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