Baby ducks sick ?


6 Years
Sep 14, 2013
Hey all. I know these questions have been asked many times before but I think every situation is different, I can't seem to find the right answers.

I have two Muscovy ducklings about 2 weeks old I bought from a lady who had tons in her backyard(not to clean). I've had them for about 9 days now. And about two days ago we noticed a few things.
I noticed their poop to be extra watery, sometimes looks like milk. Also they have what I see as a runny nose.
My boyfriend thinks they are breathing harder. (Paranoid) I'm not sure.
I love these guys more than anything and I just want to make sure they are okay. If I'm not giving the right living conditions I will part with them to save their lives.

They eat normally. We play with them all the time. We give them plenty of water at all times. Food is always available. We feed mostly vegetables unseasoned of course and hard boiled eggs. They seem happy for the most part. They seem a bit distant since we got two pekin new borns. First day the male Muscovy attacked them viciously so we don't let them around each other. So maybe they are stressed.

They are in doors for now until they are big enough. I made a huge clean area for them and I clean more than twice a day. If its wet or to many turds.

What does it mean when they sit fluffed up? When watching them they seem most comfortable when they are "fluffed up.
I have had many many birds in the past. No ducks buy they all did this

I will continue to search and find answers. Please help us! We love these guys so much don't want them to suffer.

The only things I would change all honesty, temp is usually 75. I feed them mostly lettuce green beans and hard boiled eggs.

Could it be allergies or would there be more symptoms if it was an infection?
1. --- you are not feeding a proper diet
---- they need a waterfowl feed, if you cant find one they NEED an all flock or flock raiser type feed with niacin suppliment added (brewers yeast is one source)

2. sitting around fluffed up is a sign of cold or when they are ill

How old are these muscovy?

Are they fully feathered?

Nasal discharge "can" be related to respritory issues.

The off poo is likely due to poor diet. Being fluffed up canbe partially related to poor diet too. Not fed properly can weaken the ducks and allow illness to set in.

The ducklings you bought (pekin) NEED starter feed for at least the first 30 days.

ANY food offered that is not waterfowl or all flock type food HAS to have grit offered with it so they can process the food properly
Congrats on babies! Their poop sounds normal it can go from soft/hard to runny then pure water and sometimes milky. Their poop looks like what they've eat boiled eggs will make their poo smell worse to. Their temps in brooder should be 90-95f for first week than decrease by 5 degrees each week. They may be bit cold but watch them before you adjust temp. Are they huddled under heat lamp if so increase temp if running around acting normal than temp should be fine. As far as runny nose it can come from numerous things and it can be seriuos. what type of bedding do you use? Do you have a water container deep enough for them to dip their beaks in, this is extremely important so they can clean their sinus out. Water must be avaliable at all times as this aids them with swallowing food. I know how messy they can be so what I did was had a chick style waterer got larger one as they grew and 2-3 times a day I offered butter container deep engough for head dipping throw in a few mushed peas to start them to dip, I supervised this for about 10 min so they wouldn't dump their water. I also offered a warm (swim time) daily of course supervised and not to deep mine loved loved their swim times and it really benefits them. On the food I started mine on non medicated crumb starter feed and switched to starter/grower pellets at 3-4 wks offering mixed veggies oatmeal and eggs as a treat. Be careful to many eggs could be to much protein. A poultry vitamin like sav a chick would benefit them as well. Threw a lot at you but wanted to covers some bases and your right every duck is different. I think its great you care so much for your babies, ducks are wonderful amazing beings.

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