Baby ducks


6 Years
Apr 16, 2013
Hello everyone my girlfriend and I are new owners of 2 baby ducks. They are so cute we had them for a few days now but noticed that one of them shakes all the time, shaking his head opening its mouth rapidly and when it walks it stumbles at one point I seem it bend his head all way back, kinda leans to one side when resting, I see it drink but not eat, changed food and water Just worried from all the shaking. Just wondering if anyone can help in the matter or shed some light on what's happening. Thank you so much!
What is the temperature in the brooder? Do they have water 24/7? What are you feeding them?

I get focused on the issues, because sometimes they are very serious, even fatal. Welcome to the forum. Thanks for joining us. We try to help each other. The more details we know, the better we can do.

Also, if I am not around next time you are, please look at this.
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I have them in a box in a dog crate in the basement with a heat lamp (50w)hovering about a foot and a half above them with plenty of water, wood chip bedding, and the lady we got them off of have us a bag of unmediated turkey starter saying its does the same trick
What is the temperature?

The unmedicated turkey starter sounds fine - I used turkey-waterfowl starter crumbles for my ducklings.

Does it smell at all moldy? Some ducklings are more sensitive to problems than others.

I keep asking about the temperature because it really sounds like it could be heat stroke. It could be something else, but too much heat is not uncommon for first time duck people. Also, how is the air quality? They need decent ventilation, but not cold drafts.
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