Baby mouse


Apr 23, 2018
st helen, michigan
I was given a week old baby mouse at my pet store for my bearded dragon to try, well I couldn't do it. I felt so bad. So now I have this week old baby mouse under a lamp in a nest. In feeding it puppy replacement milk. Anyone know how old they are before they open their eyes. Its currently eating .6ml


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I have two bearded dragons myself. I've never tried mice myself and I don't plan to at this point, I don't think I could bring myself to do it! I've never raised any rodents personally so I can't really help. I hope your unintentional mouse journey goes well.
Awwww. Mice make great pets! Both my brother and I had mice as pets when we were teenagers (a long time ago). They are docile and not prone to bite ( like gerbils and hampsters are). I currently have a pet rat and he is super sweet, friendly and intelligent. I love him! See my posts on Earl the rat in this section if you are interested.

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