baby squirrels and chickens


8 Years
Sep 2, 2011
We are the proud parents of 3 baby squirrels about a month old, that were left without their mother to care for them after Irene.

Right now they live in a box in the house, but we need to get them to live outside.

We thought about moving their residence inside the coop.

Any experiences out there we can learn from?

Well squirells have been known to steal eggs. They will definately eat the chicken feed.
prep them for squirrel stew?

sorry. I am angry with the squirrels down here. They got in my attic and tore stuff up.
We have two "pet" (wild) squirrels that free range with my bantams. I can only let my bantams free range when I'm home and outside with them. As soon as they are out, especially one squirrel - we've named Jack - joins in the party. He couldn't care less that I am there and the girls are fine with him. (sometimes a bunny, a chipmunk and blue jays join in the party also!)
Not sure which I'd worry about more - squirrels biting chickens or chickens pecking squirrels. Nature can be weird though - orphaned babies have been taken on by different species mothers many times. Good luck!

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