Baby's left doing well...

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    May 27, 2011
    Well after all the problems with a little guy who didn't make it (see thread Red Golden's in distress) the surviving are doing REALLY well. I am slightly sad that even though I made sure they imprinted on me they have adopted my large Labrador/Pitt mix Betty, as their new mom. My dog has always loved small animals...NOT as snacks! She used to hold down and clean our Guinea pigs, she watched out rat for hours at a time, even sleeping by his tank. If we held him she'd hover...really....directly over him and guard. Now these little guys are in their little cage and she lives by them. She will not leave the side of the cage unless we make her. The chicks have even been sleeping in a group closest to where she is. My dog is used to chickens because of my families farm. She likes to watch them out there and even help me heard up the ones that get out of the yard. They are a pretty cute family overall.


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