Back again!


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Jun 22, 2018
Florida Pan Handle
re-introduction! Nice to be Back!

After getting custody of grandchildren (3 boys 7, 11 & 12) we moved to Marianna Fl 2018!
Hurricane Micheal hit!
Regaining some control of our lives the Pandemic Hit & now that school is done (that was not easy) & I have a little more time.
Husband & I raised Show birds in Western PA! but, We are looking for some direction with meat chickens!
*We processed chickens as we had to! Turkey my choice of meat! At this time I am not ready to get back into turkey's but, with all that is going on we want to secure our food source! We just did a batch of Cornish cross from Ideal! I was very disappointed at how small they were for 11 weeks!

I have Jersey Giants (grow slow) Buff Plymouth Rocks, Americans & Silkie, Americana & Frizzle cross! 3 dozen eggs in the incubator! I have White Plymouth Rocks coming in August to use Rooster's for meat!

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