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6 Years
Sep 17, 2013
Hello everyone. I decided to try again. In may I got 4 more chickens. This time I put up a completely sealed dog run and have my coop inside. Bottom is sealed as is the top. Up here it has to be. Also installed motion lights.

So far so good. Chickens are doing well. I want to get a bigger coop. What do folks think about an outdoor shed if it is modified for the chickens? Perhaps something from HD or Lowes? I need some help her.

Thanks for any advice!
Hi there,
Look on Craigslist too for a 2nd hand shed. You can sometimes get them cheap and do your own modification. For 4 chickens something relatively small would be ok, but it's always better to have something bigger than you need for when you get more birds.
Modification should be relatively simple. Put in some nest boxes, perches and voila! Casa pollo!
Shed make great coops. My coop is a 12x16 shed. We built a 5x10 chicken area, a 4x8 duck area, and have space for two brooding cages, two hospital cages, feed storage, hay storage and supply storage. I built half walls for the animal areas, and then went all the way to the ceiling with chicken wire to keep the chickens out of the people area.
I use an old farm pole shed. Open to one side. Fenced that portion in so I can open in am/close in pm. Then fence main yard in. Works well with excellent ventilation
I haven't used one, but I would imagine that rats and other gnawing animals would be inside very quickly unless you covered it in hardware cloth (wire). I think that kind of defeats the purpose really and it would not be cost effective,

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